Photo comprised of four rectangle photos with snaps showing fun different poses of myself, Kris Rivenburgh, with Melissa Keomoungkhoun and Amanda Craner of Sorenson in a dark blue light room.
Laptop showing man and woman on screen with man communicating in sign language.
Credit: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

man working from multiple desktop monitors
Man inquisitively reading Macbook.

woman typing on Macbook


First, you need to be aware that overlay widgets are…


woman looking at laptop

iphone with apps on screen

Law Firms

  • Law Office of Duran
  • Shaked Law Group
  • East End Trial Group
  • Leal Law Firm
  • Acacia Barrows…

man signing document

U.S. flag

Kris Rivenburgh

Attorney. Author of The ADA Book (I swear I’ll re-publish it on Amazon by 2022). founder.

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