$25,000? Website Accessibility Lawsuits Cost Money

(Updated for 2023)

If you receive a website (or app) accessibility demand letter under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (or other anti-discrimination law) $25,000 is a conservative final tab after everything is finished.

Here’s a generalized itemized bill that will apply to most businesses:

  • $10,000 plaintiff’s law firm fees (settlement amount)
  • $5,000 your defense attorney fees
  • $5,000-$20,000 accessibility audit and remediation

And that is with no embellishment whatsoever.

Those are very real price tags once the dust clears on a settlement.

And keep in mind that the settlement terms you agree to may very well increase your cost beyond the $20,000 I have allotted for audit and remediation.

For example, if you agree to quarterly user testing, that can easily cost $10,000 annually.

Note that claims may be brough under laws other than the ADA such as the California Unruh Act, New York State Human Rights Law, Federal Fair Housing Act, etc.

Litigation Prevention

Of course, the best case scenario is you remediate your digital asset to be accessible and are never targeted by a plaintiff’s law firm.

In 2023, I will announce my ADA Compliance Course — this course will dramatically lower costs for entities of all sizes. Small businesses and corporations alike will be other to improve their accessibility and reduce risk of demand letters / lawsuits through my course.

I will announce the launch of my course on The ADA Book YouTube channel.