• Ashley Sullivan

    Ashley Sullivan

    Front End Developer working remote outside of Chicago, IL.

  • Kim Krause Berg

    Kim Krause Berg

    Kim Krause Berg, CPACC Accessibility and QA Analyst, Accessibility, BM Technologies, Inc. (BMTX) f/k/a BankMobile, owns Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC.

  • Jacob van Leeuwen

    Jacob van Leeuwen

    Graphics. UI. UX. Designer with a passion for social and behavioural economics. πŸ‘‰ design-ish.com

  • Vito Foto

    Vito Foto

  • Ramya Mohandas

    Ramya Mohandas

    I write about UX, Technical Writing & Equality. The best way I express myself is through written words, music and art. Weakness is Pizza, any sorts.

  • Sgifford


  • M F

    M F

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